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The most trusted Name in Pumps and meters! Their pumps are built on over 75 years of time-tested performance, flexible and innovative design, and pump engineering excellence.



Yant Equipment is a distributor of all the major manufacturers in the industry which includes, Wayne, Verifone, Veeder Root, OPW, Gasboy, Red Jacket, FE Petro and many more. Contact us to help fulfill your needs.

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Yant Equipment has certified and trained technicians at all 3 locations. They are certified by the manufacturers of the equipment and by the weights and measures department of the state. Service is the backbone of this industry and we are proud to have experienced and trained technicians. We do not hire just anyone and call them a technician and they will not do service at your site unless we are confident that they will provide a service that can be proud of.

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Our installers have more experience than any other competitor around. They have been trained and certified by the manufacturers of the equipment. They are also certified by the state to perform UST and AST installations. Some installers like to cut corners because the customer will never see it, we like to provide honest work to ensure that your site is always operating at a maximum capacity.

Wayne Ovation fuel dispenser

Wayne Ovation dispensers

The Ovation fuel dispenser combines robust construction, sleek styling, leading payment technology, and user-friendly design, making it the smart and easy choice for your stations needs.

Verifone POS systems

Verifone POS Systems

Pallets can be customized for fuel, operations, video security and other utilities that site attendants need to track. At a quick glance, monitor fuel states including pump calling, authorization, dispensing, stop and others that pertain to fuel operations. Verifone continues to invest in the future of POS solutions with C18 at the forefront. It maximizes Commander’s strengths and enable the merchant to control functionality based on store needs.